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Sliding Table Saws. Shapers.

Jointers. Planers.

Edge Banders. CNC Machining Centre

Vertical panels saws. Vertical CNC,

Beam Saws

Molders. Re-Saws. Rip-Saws.

Optimizing saws. Tool Grinders

Finger jointing. Scanners.

Revolutionary Safety Cabinet saw.

Industrisal, Professional and Jobsite saws

FCM Planers/Jointers

Industrial Planers and Jointers with both Helical adn Straight knife heads

Modular Dust collection, Downdraft Tables


Wood connecting elements and woodworking machines: quality, innovation and excellent functionality

FCM Machines

Bandsaws, Edge Sandsers, Dust collection,

Power-Feeders, Rip-saws and more.

Return Conveyors, Door and Drawer Clamps,

Rotary Glue Clamps, Material Handling.

Feed through Brush sanding a polishing machines of the highest quality for

One of the world’s largest manufacturer of ergonomic materials handling equipment for vertical lifting and work positioning

Heavy duty wide belt sanders in single, double or even triple head and a variety of configurations.

Line Boring, Drill Glue and Dowel,

Curved Piece Edgebanding, and more.

Dust Filtration System.
Downdraft tables and Dust Booths

Italian made, Heavy Duty Bandsaws, Slot Mortising, CNC Lathes and more.

Single and Double Mitre saws, Radial arm saws, V-cutting machines.

Vertical Panel Saws, Panel Routers, Wide Belt Sanders, Edgebanders, Screw Pocket Machines, and Sign Making Equipment

Hot and Cold Press, Bending press, Edge and face glueing press, Frame press

Radial arm saws for Wood and Metal, horizontal beam saws, cross cut saws, flat extension tables, roller extension tables, measuring systems and miter saw stands

Dovetail Joining Systems for woodworking shops, from small operators to large factories

Gluing press. Lifting tables. Working tables - Vacuum presses. Your specialist for innovative pressing technology.

Handling arm that is adaptable to any work station requiring lifting of heavy and/or cumbersome loads

The most innovative Coping and End-Matching Systems offered to the woodworking market today.

Desingers and manufacturers of High Speed mitre, Double end trim, upcut, framing and notching, chop saws and accessories.

The #1 Case Clamp manufacturer in America. Manual, no Electric Units

Since 1882 Dodds have been producting Dovetailers, gluers, clamps and tooling.

Double End Tenoners, Single End Tenoners, Shaper Sanders, Stile & Rail Shaper, Double Side Cope Shaper, Cope Shaper.

Offering a full range of veneering and laminating products for woodworkers. Table Pressing Kits, Veneering Bag Systems, tools & more.

Quality CNC mortise and tenon miter machines, as well as CNC dowel inserting machines.

Manual and automatic, hot and cold presses for panels, laminate, flooring and more.